Hi Friends! My name is Jen Rulon, owner of JenRulon.com and Rulon Racing. I am a triathlon, and business coach, along with being a 15x Ironman Triathlete and Kona Finisher.


I received my USA Triathlon Level I Coaching Certification in 2001 but it was more of a hobby than a full time gig. Right? I was putting together plans, making some money as it was paying for the race fees and having fun.


Let’s skip a few years now. I did the scariest thing ever possible. At 40 years old, I left my full time job to head back to school to get my Masters Degree in Kinesiology. 


Rulon, What the F&CK are you thinking? I wanted to find out why I was coaching the way I was, so I wanted to learn. 


Let’s skip a few more years now. 


I was doing everything and anything to make a buck. Honestly, I was starting to burn out. This is what I was doing. Are you ready?


  1. Teaching at Texas A&M University - San Antonio
  2. Started JenRulon.com
  3. Training for Ironman Florida
  4. Doing Strength Classes at a CrossFit Gym
  5. Writing 2 -3 blogs a week
  6. Doing my finances (I wasn’t making shit!)
  7. Social media ( Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest)
  8. My Own PR to get into magazines, online newspapers and websites.


In 2016, I broke down. This f$%king sucks. I am done. I need to go back to the 9 - 5 to make money. 

Then I had a breakthrough with my business that same year. I reached out to a business coach and this is what I did. Are you ready?


  1. I organized my thoughts for my business.
  2. I stopped doing things in my LIFE that no longer service me.
  3. I trained for many Ironman Triathlons and qualified for Ironman World Championship. #fuckyes
  4. I gained confidence to build my brand and learn to say No!
  5. I finally saw myself as an expert and realized no one was going to stop me.


Friends, this can be you too! 


Can I tell you how much I wanted to give up working on my business? It was exhausting but I was not doing it the right way.


Today, I put together my system in my Master Your Coaching Business Course of how I not only helped myself gain more confidence, more clients and more PR but how I helped others do the very same thing in their own health and wellness businesses. 

Here's What You Get Today!

Testimonies from Graduates of "Master Your Coaching Business!"

"I think what we are doing is extraordinary. I bring on Jen Rulon. I spend this money. Has it been worth it? And I said to myself right after it immediately, “Every freaking penny." ~ Frank Sole , Sole Swim Solutions

"Jen's MYCB Program is a great program for the new and old coach to help grow their business. She has given me the confidence to explore new ideas, and new ways of organization that help to make my business more streamlined." ~ Kayla Bowker , Where Your Feet Take You

"I can't say enough great things about MYCB by Jen Rulon. Jen REALLY knows her stuff and has done the research on what it takes to run a successful online coaching business. She helped me build confidence in my own ability as a coach and encouraged me to ask for what I am worth. The content of this course is FIVE STAR and I couldn't be more impressed with Jen and the wealth of knowledge she shared with me!" ~ Mary Timmoney, MarineWife Multisport

"We are a group of professionals that connect and help each other grow the business we love. Connections are made that would likely never happen without MYCB. With a variety of knowledge, we help each other improve the current state of our business and hold each other accountable to goals set every time we meet." ~Krista Neugebauer , KN Nutrition

Master Your Coaching Business Course

This course will help you organize your coaching business, gain more clients, build your online space through social media, and work from home or your favorite coffee shop.


“Get Back to Training” Guarantee

You will get back the freedom to jump back into training in the next 60 days, or I will personally send every penny back to you.

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