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Healthy Movement Coaching with Coach Jen Rulon

Do you feel stuck? Are you not motivated to workout? Are you confused on what's next for you? Are you trying to lose those last 10 pounds? Are you trying to get back into the gym or running or walking?

Trust me. I have been there. What did I do? I hired a coach to keep my ass accountable.

Many women have come to me, not wanting to do an Ironman Triathlon or a triathlon at all but looking for guidance. After I wrote my book, "Self Motivation Strategies for Women," I have recieved amazing feedback and I realized some women, don't need a book but they need that accountabilty on how to get started.

What am I offering with "Healthy Movement Coaching?"

  • A form is filled out, along with your goals and what you want to accomplish (Lose weight? Do a triathlon? Strength Workouts?)
  • Your three day food journal written out for me to review.
  • A one hour Zoom session with me.
  • Suggestions given for your "Healthy Movement" Journey.
  • Follow up in two weeks.

Ultimately, this session is for you to tackle life with a road map to be the best version of yourself. I am here to give you a little nudge.



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